Bethesda Apostolic Church History

In 1952 Loveless Matarirano Manhango was contracted to make bricks for white farmer named Eric and his brother John in Chegutu formerly Hartley. The farm is situated 8km from Chegutu towards Kadoma town.

Working with him was T. Pise, Mr Shamu, D.Marume and Ms Veonica Manango. During this period of his life Loveless Manhango had left God’s ways and had become a drunkard. God choose the Bishop in his sinful days and called him for his purpose. On 20 September 1952 around midnight God’s word spoke to Loveless Manhango saying, “rugare rwenyika ino nderwe nguva duku, rugare rwekudenga haruna magumo”

After this he saw 14 visions which strengthened him and gave him an insight on what was to come generations after. “Visions” These visions made his heart fill up with faith that God had truly chosen him to do his work and he felt a burning desire to start preaching the word.

The following morning he terminated his contract saying he now had a new calling to preach the word of God to all nations.