NOn the 21st of august 2010 the Ruwadzano fellowship celebrated its Golden Jubilee at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex. In 1960 whilst praying in a hill at Mudanda Shopping Centre in Buhera, the Founder of Bethesda Apostolic Church, Bishop L.M Manhango saw in a vision a cloud that burst like a balloon to release women filled with the Holy Spirit, praising the lord, preaching the gospel and healing all kinds of sickness and diseases. The women were dressed in blue skirts, red blouses and belts with white collars and hats. This witnessed the birth of a vibrant and powerful women’s fellowship, Ruwadzano.




The woman came out of the cloud in the vision had the uniform which is used by the members of Ruwadzano. The blue skirt stands for the Holy Spirit, the red blouses and belts stand for the washing of sins in the precious blood of Jesus Christ, the white collars and hats stands for the new creation or the born again of a woman. The blouse has five white buttons that stands for the five wounds inflicted on the lord Jesus Christ at Calvary.